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 WON’s new mentorship program

WON’s new mentorship program

Mentoring. Chart with keywords and icons. SketchWe are excited about the new mentorship program recently announced by Women of NATE (WON).

The goal of the first WON Mentorship program is to bring together those who can share ideas, friendships and experiences to help each other achieve their goals.

“Mentoring improves employee satisfaction and retention, makes your company more appealing to recruits, and trains your leaders. 71% of Fortune 500 companies have already established internal mentoring programs, realizing that a workplace mentoring program can serve an employee from the time they are newly hired, to being a senior executive,” stated Andy Lee, Women of NATE (WON) Committee Chairwoman in a recent news release. “Mentoring is a two-way street on which both the mentor and mentee receives substantial benefits. And the best part is, the WON Mentorship Program is FREE to NATE Members,” added Lee.

The application process resulted in 23 program participants for this first program where mentors and mentees were matched. The participants range from those new to the field to those who have served many years and include males and females.

The mentorship program is expected to have both personal and professional growth opportunities as the participants learn from one another, share their concerns and goals and help each other through challenging times and situations. The program will also help those within NATE’s membership to continue to grow their own teams.

Those within the program will communicate with each other one or two times a month over a one-year time period. They will focus on their current goals as well as set new ones based on the conversations.

“In the near future, USA Telecom hopes to be a part of the WON mentorship program,” shared Pam Miller, Program Manager at USA Telecom Insurance Services. “It will be a great way for our team to continue to learn about and keep up with the changes in the telecom industry. It is also a way for USA Telecom to educate others on insurance requirements, terminology, coverages, etc. Knowledge is power, and we should always continue to gain knowledge that will help us in our jobs and lives.”

You can find more information on the WON Mentorship Program here. We look forward to seeing this mentorship program grow as well as develop mentoring relationships within our own networks. USA Telecom Insurance Services have employees with NATE membership.