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 Why is telecom insurance so important

Why is telecom insurance so important

9507976 - a communications tower for tv and mobile phone signalsThere is a real reason why companies like ours exist. Telecom insurance plays a unique role in the telecommunications business, mainly because telecom contractors and firms face a unique set of risks in the course of their everyday work. This is in addition to the normal risks that businesses face over the course of time. Telecom insurance helps to mitigate risk.

We all understand the need for insurance services in our personal lives, so why not utilize them in our professional ones as well? Even as you answer this question you might be asking a second: If that is the case, what kind of telecom insurance should my firm consider? Let’s take a closer look at the different types of insurance before making a final decision.

Kinds of telecom insurance

Many of us view insurance as a necessary fact of life. Whether it be to protect our car, home, or even our lives, insurance in many forms is as much a way of life as sliced bread. Even health insurance is now mandatory.

Telecom insurance exists under this same principle. Insurance exists to help people and businesses when the chips are down. Does your business have the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars required if a natural disaster takes out your infrastructure?

As individuals, insurance is valuable to us because it provides us with peace-of-mind in a sometimes-uncertain world. Insurance allows people to live a certain lifestyle and enjoy a level of financial stability knowing a measure of risk has been reduced.

For a company interested more in the risk management aspect, there is a solid case to be made for comprehensive telecom insurance. Even if there are few catastrophic events for a business to worry about, ensuring you put in place appropriate appraisal and risk management practices can go a long way.

Are you conducting a risk management review of the core policies that drive your business? Are you shopping around to reduce business costs and free up cash for other initiatives? Furthermore, what kind of telecom insurance policy should you consider?

We get it, the insurance market can sometimes be convoluted. That’s why we consider it our mission to simplify it for you. Your business relies on clear terms in every other transaction, why should that not be the same for this one?

There are a number of different factors that go into a telecom insurance policy. When you consider what telecom companies deal with, these businesses need a combination of different forms of coverage.

– General Liability: This type of coverage insulates your business where third-party claims are concerned.
– Workers Comp: Not only is this coverage mandatory, it covers lost wages and medical.
– Property: Do you have physical assets? Protect them.
– Equipment: Every telecom provider uses sophisticated and expensive equipment. Is yours covered?
– Umbrella: Could something come up that another aspect of your coverage doesn’t actually cover? It’s likely an umbrella policy would take care of that.
– Professional: In the case that there is an industrial accident or a subcontractor does a sub-par job, professional coverage protects your business.
– Environmental: Accidents happen. A pollution policy helps control the environmental risk of your projects.

No matter what type of coverage you need, comprehensive coverage is a necessity if you are operating in the telecommunications industry. Building towers, laying lines, and delivering quality service to your customers depends on quality service being delivered to you.

If you are looking for telecom insurance, USA Telecom Insurance Services can offer you the coverage your business needs. Don’t leave your most important of assets in the hands of a provider that can’t offer you a solid guarantee. Call us today at (800) 645-8699 to get started.