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 What is Your RiskScore?

What is Your RiskScore?

What is Your RiskScore?

RiskScoreContractors who work with telecommunications industry can sometimes be difficult to insure, given the dangerous nature of the job and the challenging, high-altitude working conditions. One tool that insurers use to evaluate whether a company is worth the risk and if the company’s employees are healthy enough for telecom work is RiskScore. The RiskScores of a telecom company’s employees can make the difference in rates and whether the insurance company chooses to underwrite your insurance at all.

What is a RiskScore?

A RiskScore is tallied as a percentage. It represents the risk of a person’s having a stroke, heart attack or blood vessel disease in the next five years. Obviously, these conditions are particularly risky for someone working on telephone poles or in the box of high-level cranes.
The percentage is arrived at from a series of questions about a person’s health history and lifestyle. A score of 10 percent or less means that a person has a low risk of one of these health issues in the next five years. A score of 10 to 15 percent indicates a moderate risk, and a score of more than 15 percent denotes a high risk.
A RiskScore can change over time, either in a positive or negative direction, based on things like smoking, eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and lowering key indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol level.

USA Telecom Insurance

At USA Telecom Insurance Services, we offer a broad range of services for telecom companies and contractors. These include general liability, property liability, commercial auto, inland marine and pollution. To learn more about RiskScore, how it effects your insurance rates, and how to best insure your telecom business, visit or call us today at 800-645-8699.

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