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 Crown Castle’s New Requirement

Crown Castle’s New Requirement

Crown Castle’s New Requirement

tower-10There has been much talk in the telecommunication world about new policy changes that will come into effect immediately. Due to a recent New York Supreme Court ruling, Crown Castle International will no longer be accepting automatic additional insured endorsements. Although Crown Castle International Inc. was not directly involved in the case, it still has created a lot of concern for them. According to the New York State Supreme Court, some of the wordage used in blanket additional insured policies may not provide enough specific coverage that is required by our agreements. Because of this, Crown Castle, and other companies like it, has decided it will only accept specific endorsements.

Which Endorsements

As a result of the ruling, Crown Castle will now only receive the following ‘specific’ endorsements for both ongoing and completed operations:

  • Ongoing Operations – ISO CG 20 10 07 04
  • Completed Operations – ISO CG 20 37 07 04

The endorsements must be for “Crown Castle USA Inc., its parent, joint ventures, and affiliates.” Fortunately, Crown Castle will also accept ISO CG 20 10 04 13 for Ongoing Operations and ISO CG 20 37 04 13 for Completed Operations but are asking for these as soon as possible.

Call USA Telecom

It can be tough to find a company that will write all lines of coverage when it comes to telecommunication insurance, and these new policy changes haven’t made it any easier. At USA Telecom Insurance Services, we pride ourselves in meeting the needs of insurance agents and their customers, offering them competitive insurance nationwide. Whether you’re an agency looking for a reliable MGA or just have questions about the new policy changes, call USA Telecom Insurance Services today at 800-645-8699 to speak with one of our experts.