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 Unpacking the NATE Climber/Rescuer Training Standard

Unpacking the NATE Climber/Rescuer Training Standard

In early 2022, NATE: The Communication Infrastructure Contractors Association released its new Climber/Rescuer Training Standard (CRTS) to industry professionals and stakeholders. Here is what telecom professionals need to know about NATE’s updated training standard.

Understanding the New Climber/Rescuer Training Standard

NATE has released multiple standards for climbers over the years. This current version replaces the 4th edition of the NATE Climber Training Standard (CTS).

The NATE CRTS is important because it is essential for the standardization of fall protection and rescue training for professionals in the telecom industry. In addition, the new standard specifically and conveniently streamlines information that was present in previous editions while formally establishing the minimum amount of knowledge that a climber must have to maintain safety on a jobsite.

NATE’s Climber/Rescuer Training Standard is a vital read for anyone in the telecom industry, especially workers who must climb telecommunications towers on a regular basis. You can read the new standard today on NATE’s website as the new CRTS is free online for member companies. Just go to the member login section. For nonmembers, the CRTS is available for purchase as a digital download.

Protecting Your Tower Company and Personnel

If you’re a telecom professional, you know how important it is to stay up to date with training and certification in order to ensure your jobsite and crew are operating safely. However, accidents can still happen.

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