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 The Importance of Wireless Signal Personnel

The Importance of Wireless Signal Personnel

During telecom tower construction, a wireless signal person is one of the most important members on the team. With precise communication skills and an arsenal of efficient hand and voice signals, these dedicated professionals ensure the safety of everyone on the jobsite, including the lifting equipment operator. Here are some key details and responsibilities of a qualified wireless signal person.

The Role of a Wireless Signal Person

Many things can go wrong when conducting crane operations at a telecom tower jobsite. Most often, the crane operator does not have a clear visual on the cargo, the load’s destination, or any point along the lift. The primary job of a wireless signal person is to assist the crane operator in accomplishing the lift safely by giving hand or radio signals from a clear vantage point. Clear, consistent communication is paramount during a lift, and using incorrect signals could result in an accident. Therefore, having a qualified wireless signal person on-site during these situations is invaluable.

Wireless Signal Person Qualifications

In order to become a qualified wireless signal person in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, workers must receive training and pass both a written exam and a field test administered either by a qualified employer or third party. To qualify, a worker must show competence in the following areas:

  • Vocal communication skills
  • Working knowledge of lifting operations
  • Understanding of the limitations of lifting equipment
  • Ability to recognize dangerous situations before and during the lift
  • Site awareness
  • Site safety standards
  • Hand signals

Important Hand Signals

Every qualified wireless signal person must have a basic set of hand signals memorized to manage their job. The most common signal is the stop motion, which is one arm extended out horizontally and swung back and forth to the side with palm facing down. This can also be accompanied by the emergency stop signal, which is the same format as the stop motion but with both arms.

To see a comprehensive list of hand signals, click here.

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