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 Summer safety tips

Summer safety tips

VacationSummer time is upon us. Vacations, barbecues and fun in the sun. When it comes to the industry, though, the summer season takes on a whole different meaning with its own precautions.

Here are some tips to help keep telecommunication industry employees safe, and insurance claims down during the summer months.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Lighter colored clothing will keep employees cooler than darker colors. Follow any safety standards for clothing and be mindful of colors and fabric types.
  • Don’t forget about those eyes! Sunglasses should be worn to protect them.
  • Wear sunscreen! Even on overcast days, the sun can shine through and cause skin damage.
  • Don’t forget about bug spray as well! In some areas this means being aware of ticks, mosquitoes and other natural wildlife that could cause injuries or illnesses. Know how to treat and even proactively prevent any issues.
  • Be aware of poison ivy, oak and sumac! Don’t assume everyone knows how to easily identify these plants or how to properly treat any rashes.
  • Stay hydrated! Water is still the best option to drink throughout the day. Those drinks with higher sugar content, such as soda or energy drinks, can cause faster dehydration.
  • Encourage employees to listen to their bodies! Those breaks are there for a reason as a person’s body tries to cool itself down.
  • Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke as well as the emergency protocols for each.
  • Be mindful of sudden changing weather conditions based on a job site. It also means being aware of what to do during any severe weather activity.
  • Employees still need to maintain regular safety standards around any equipment. They shouldn’t let up their guard just because of nicer weather.
  • The job site surroundings can be very different as safety concerns in the summer may look different than other seasons. Make sure employees look at the job site with a fresh pair of eyes.
  • Make sure outdoor employees know who they need to talk to on the job site in the case of concern or emergency. Don’t assume they will know who the correct person is to find.
  • Have a safety meeting to refresh employees on summer tips.

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