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 Managing the Risks of RF Radiation from Cell Towers

Managing the Risks of RF Radiation from Cell Towers

Since the turn of the century, reliance on cellular phone usage has necessitated the construction of telecommunication towers in more areas to manage coverage and maintain cellphone signal demands. Much like radio and television towers, cell towers transmit signals using radiofrequency (RF) waves—which rest somewhere between FM radio and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

In recent years, cell tower RF waves have caused growing concerns about radiation exposure and the safety of cell tower workers and the general public. Here are some of the risks of RF radiation from cell towers.

What Are the Risks of RF Radiation?

While nowhere near as harmful or aggressive as X and UV rays, which can actually damage DNA inside of human cells, RF waves still should be approached with caution—especially by those working on cell towers.

To date, no overtly dangerous health effects from RF radiation have been documented, but the frequency in which tower workers interact with them still can be concerning. While more research is needed, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledge that potential risks can include:

  • Thermal effects – Thermal effects include heating of body tissue, which can lead to burns. Such tissue heating can affect the eyes and testes in men, causing blindness and sterility, respectively. Thermal effects also can include electrical shock.
  • Nonthermal effects – Nonthermal effects can have an adverse impact on your circadian rhythm (sleep cycles), your immune system, and the communication of information in your cells.
  • Cancer-causing risks – While no substantial correlation has been found by OSHA or the WHO regarding the possibility of carcinogenic effects of RF radiation exposure on humans, frequent health checkups are highly recommended for telecom tower workers.

Be Prepared for Cell Tower Worksite Risks

The best way to combat the risks of RF radiation from cell towers is to be observant and enforce a safe workplace. This includes proper equipment, gear, and safety standards, as well as a comprehensive insurance policy to cover any situation. Before any complications arise, contact a broker at USA Telecom Insurance Services to help you explore your coverage options.

USA Telecom Insurance Coverage for Cell Tower Workers

To guard your tower company and personnel with top-quality coverage, partner with a provider that designs programs specific to the telecom industry. At USA Telecom Insurance Services, our programs include property, commercial automobile, general liability, workers compensation, umbrella, and drone coverage.

If you’re interested in selecting coverage for your tower company or learning more about our insurance options, contact us today.