Auditing the Safety of Your Tower Personnel 

April 7, 2020

For tower owners, safety audits are an important way to correct unsafe behavior, practices, and planning before having to deal with unfavorable consequences. In fact, the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) requires certain industry entities to conduct a set number of quarterly audits to remain eligible for membership.

Why Does My Company Need a Safety Audit?

There are many situations that warrant a timely safety audit to help companies uncover underlying causes of safety issues, such as an on-site injury or fatality. However, the need for regular audits remains for all tower owners because they identify changes necessary to the existing practices. These changes may include restructuring training programs, revising management policies, and other adjustments that can prevent on-site injuries and fatalities in the future.

Who Should Conduct the Audits and When?

To ensure unbiased and unaltered safety audits, use a third-party auditor for the responsibility. These outside officials can report violations and citations accurately that require immediate correction. When determining the schedule, spacing, and timing of your audits, consider NATE’s audit requirements for its members. NATE requires members to submit audits for 10% of a company’s projects or a total of six audits each quarter, whichever is less.

What Happens if Your Audit Uncovers Violations?

When contractors, subcontractors, and employees fail to use proper equipment, follow standard protocols or adhere to specific safety requirements—the appropriate corrective action may vary. The most effective way to minimize or correct any kind of consequential behavior is to detail predetermined consequences. Upon hiring a contractor, for example, you should include a description of your health and safety expectations and the consequences should any be violated.

How Can You Insure Your Workers at all Times?

Regardless of how thorough, often, and clean your audits are, there still are certain risks that cannot be predicted or prevented. Therefore, risk management is paramount as are the right insurance coverages for all tower owners. To learn more about the risk management programs available for your tower operation, contact a broker.

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