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 Preparing Your Tower Company for a Tower Rescue 

Preparing Your Tower Company for a Tower Rescue 

The element of danger is an expected part of working in the telecommunications industry. While safety standards, fall protection equipment, and crew member training have improved over the years, concentrated rescue planning must remain in focus for each tower organization. Here’s how to prepare your tower company for a tower rescue.  

Stabilize the Crew Member  

If a crew member is in danger at any point during a tower climb, getting them back on the ground is priority No. 1 — but it isn’t the first step. Before attempting to lower personnel involved in an accident, assess their condition and take steps to prevent the onset of suspension trauma. Search for any injuries, identify whether there is a need for first aid, and confirm the worker isn’t at risk of falling.  

Evaluate Rescue Options  

After securing any injured personnel and evaluating their condition, it’s time to start thinking about how to get them down. Analyze the tower site and situation to determine the most appropriate course of action for rescue. This may include use of the tower structure and existing lines or utilizing the following items in a rescue kit 

  • Anchor strap  
  • Connectors or carabiners  
  • Descent control device  
  • First-aid kit  
  • Rope  

Lower the Tower Worker  

Whether the rescue is performed by a single crew member or team of rescue workers, there are multiple tactics that may be used to lower a stranded or injured worker:  

  • Using the rescue kit from above to lower the worker  
  • Performing a pickoff to guide the crew member to the ground 
  • Lowering personnel using established lines on site while remaining on the ground 

All-Lines Coverage for Your Telecommunications Clients  

For tower personnel, on-the-job accidents can be far more devastating than those in almost any other industry. At USA Telecom Insurance Services, we deliver top-quality insurance coverage for retail agents and their clients in the telecommunications industry. Our combined experience in the telecommunications industry spans over four decades, which is why we’re able to create programs with expertise and insight. To learn more about the benefits we can offer your telecom clients, contact a broker today.