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 Why You Need Pollution Coverage

Why You Need Pollution Coverage

Why You Need Pollution Coverage

PollutionInsuranceGenerally, pollution coverage is required by the customers you are doing work for.  If your company refuels generators at cell tower sites or if you do change batteries out you will be most likely required to carry this coverage.  If you do not do this type of work sometimes your customer will strike this requirement from your contract.

What it Does

Pollution liability insurance usually covers property damage that could be a result of hazardous waste materials that are released during normal operations. It does not only cover you from any liability issues when carrying out the job but also once you finish. Consulting a professional is important.
There are many reasons that a telecommunications company should get pollution coverage.  As stated above, it is a contractual agreement for some projects, and it is a proactive approach to risk management. Pollution liability coverage protects the insured from unanticipated losses that associate with pollution conditions like clean-up costs and third party property damages.

What it Means for Your Company

Every business needs to be aware of the environmental exposure. At a time when regulatory agencies are diligent, it is important to get coverage. Hence they need a partner that has the experience to help them identify exposures.

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