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 Why Do My Customers Require Mod Less Than 1.00?

Why Do My Customers Require Mod Less Than 1.00?

Why Do My Customers Require Mod Less Than 1.00?

Mod1Unfortunately, employee accidents are a fact of life in the telecommunications industry. However, how you manage your job sites to help prevent accidents can not only keep your insurance premiums down but can even help encourage new customers to do business with you. Why, because many of your customers contractually require you to have a mod of 1.00 or less.

What is a Modification Factor?

Your workers’ compensation modification factor (frequently just called a “mod”) compares your company’s number of workers’ compensation claims to those of similar-sized businesses in your same industry.

How Your Mod Affects Your Business

Your workers’ compensation experience mod can change your business in a number of ways. It directly affects your workers’ compensation insurance premiums. The lower your mod, the less you’ll pay for workers’ compensation insurance. However, saving money on your insurance is just a part of the equation.
Your customers also look for companies with low incidences of accidents and workers’ compensation claims. This tells them that they are dealing with a company that respects its workers and that pays attention to details in managing its operation, particularly safety. They can also expect to pay less for services from a company that has a lower mod and, thus, lower insurance premiums.

Coverage with USA Telecom Insurance Services

At USA Telecom Insurance Services, we offer a broad range of services for telecom companies and contractors. In addition to workers’ compensation insurance, we offer general liability, property liability, commercial auto, inland marine, and pollution insurance. To learn more about how to keep your workman’s compensation mod low, and how it affects your insurance rates, visit or call us today at 800-645-8699.