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 Caring for clients in difficult situations

Caring for clients in difficult situations

Frustrated Asian young business man sitting outdoor office afterIf you have been following the news of any kind recently, you will find heartbreaking stories resulting from tragedies or natural disasters. It is important to remember that sometimes these stories and situations aren’t just impacting people miles and hours away. They are impacting the very people you call clients.
Since we provide nationwide coverage, we realize your clients have a multitude of situations they are balancing as they also fulfill their professional responsibilities. It is important to consider some tips to help your clients as they face these situations.

  • Be patient and polite with clients over the phone. Sometimes it takes all the strength they have to simply make it through their work day.
  • Consider if an email conversation needs to be resolved or explained over the phone or in person. You may feel the tone in the email has shifted or something was misunderstood or not as clear as possible.
  • Realize any potential hostility toward you may really have another source that has nothing to do with you or the current insurance need or question.
  • Take the time to care about your clients beyond their insurance coverages with you. When was the last time you really asked how they were doing and got to know them beyond just one more insurance policy question?
  • Acknowledge their feelings, whether you think they are justified or not.
  • Remain calm. Rising tones and inflections rarely help any situation. Sometimes that means taking a breath or asking for help from colleagues.
  • Identify ways you could give back to your community. This doesn’t mean every tragic or concerning event warrants such a response. However, be mindful of those larger community issues that could benefit from your recognition or support.
  • Be prepared with strategies of how you will help these types of clients with their current need or at least put their mind at ease. Sometimes this means not having the answer right away. If you promise to look into the issue, be mindful of how long it takes to respond or at least provide an update.
  • Be aware of how these conversations and situations make you feel as well. One difficult conversation has the potential to negatively change the trajectory of your day. Take the time and effort to refocus yourself if necessary.

Know that we at USA Telecom Insurance Services are here to help in those moments when you have questions or concerns related to telecommunication insurance coverage based on the interactions you have with clients. We also want to thank you for taking good care of your clients and your community.

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