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 Preparing for a Telecommunications Emergency

Preparing for a Telecommunications Emergency

14384729 - the siren red on the sky backgroundEvery job site is different, but there are many aspects that are the similar.  Having knowledge of where emergency services are located near each site is important in case something should happen.  However, the vital contacts and information needed for a smooth running job don’t stop there.

Job Site

It is important to know the basic information related to the job site. What is the name of the company in charge? Does the project have a specific name? Who is the project manager or person in charge? What is the best way to contact them? It is important also to know the site address as well as the closest intersection. Even if employees are familiar with the area, these are important details to have noted to avoid chaos in an emergency.

Police and Fire Department

What are the names of the closest police and fire departments? It is important to have a phone number beyond 911 as well as a contact name. Some areas may have multiple departments in close proximity. Which one is the closest? Which one would be considered a backup department? It might be beneficial for a representative from the job site to make initial contact with these departments as well. A quick phone call or visit for an introduction goes a long way in helping to prepare for any possible emergency. That handshake or sound of the voice may help make the quick connection at the site during an emergency.

Hospitals and Nonemergency Centers

If employees need to be transported to a hospital, which one is closest? Hospitals have different levels of trauma care, so be sure to find out that information ahead of time as well. Make sure the hospital name, address, contact information, and clear directions are identified before an emergency occurs. Many areas also have nonemergency centers available. These go by different names, but the premise is the same. They are there for the nonemergency care of patients. It is a good idea to have the same information prepared for such a facility in case an injury needs to be tended to but is not an emergency.

Utility Companies

Don’t overlook the utility company information in case of an emergency. If further assistance is needed from electrical, gas, or water companies, that information should be in close reach as well. Again, company names, contact persons, and contact information are important to keep documented.
Many of these aspects need to be documented for compliance reasons, so they shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed in the preparation of paperwork. It is always good to remind your clients why these aspects are important and needed on any required forms or documentation for each job site. It is one more way help to keep your clients safe and prepared for any job site emergency.