What is the NATE STAR Initiative?

May 5, 2017

What is the NATE STAR Initiative?

The National Association of Tower Erectors, or NATE, has developed the STAR Initiative program as a way to improve safety for tower climbers, as well as providing education and programs for companies in the telecommunications industry. Currently in its sixth year, the NATE STAR Initiative has 134 companies enrolled, which is an all-time high. The program’s main purpose is to encourage telecom companies to work under best safety practices for tower climbers and to recognize those who hold themselves to a higher level of safety standards. After all, the goal is to have each and every one of your employees make it home safe at the end of the day, and the NATE STAR Initiative does just that.

Nate Star Initiative

STAR is an acronym for the focus on safety, training, accountability, and reliability; and the initiative looks to have its participating companies commit to various types of safety training, site safety audits, in addition to implementing safety programs that keep telecom workers safe. As an incentive, NATE STAR enrolled companies are eligible for discounts on training courses offered on the NATE Exchange, an online portal providing the most up-to-date safety training in the industry.

Some of the ways a company can benefit from being part of the NATE STAR Initiative include:

Safety Audits
Regular safety audits are required as part of NATE STAR enrollment, which are then submitted to the NATE office to help continue the use of best safety practices when working on or around towers. The audits include a comprehensive checklist designed to enhance the safety of areas surrounding telecom towers and are performed on a quarterly basis.

Safety Programs
In addition to safety training and audits, companies are required to implement a safety and health program meeting or exceeding the standards of site safety defined by NATE. The programs raise awareness on job sites, helping to minimize and hopefully eliminate accidents.

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