The Advantages of Directional Boring

April 21, 2017

The Advantages of Directional Boring

Directional boring is a method used by many companies in the telecommunications industry to install underground piping and conduit along a predetermined path from the surface, while disturbing the surface and surrounding area as little as possible. Also known as horizontal directional drilling or HDD, directional boring allows telecommunications personnel to install piping and conduit up to 6500 feet in length, and up to 4 feet in diameter.

Directional boring is used in a wide range of tasks including running water and gas lines, but the telecommunications industry generally uses this technique for running power cable conduits. This method is used heavily when crossing waterways, roads, heavily congested areas, or anywhere that is environmentally sensitive.

Directional Boring

Some of the reasons for using directional boring include:

  • Reduced disruption to traffic flow
  • Significant cost reduction over other techniques
  • Deeper and longer installations possible than with other means
  • No need to dig an access pit
  • Shorter work times
  • Lower environmental impact

This method of drilling has become extremely popular in urban areas as it helps avoid the use of open cut trenches that can cause significant damage to surrounding infrastructure.

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